Therapeutic yoga

to promote health and well-being

A holistic path

Therapeutic yoga (or yoga therapy) is the professional application of the principles and practices of yoga to promote health and well-being and to prevent and treat diseases of the body and mind.

If you are ill, therapeutic yoga can help you feel better. If you are depressed or anxious, constantly tired, addicted to drugs or plagued by back pain, yoga individually designed for you can put you on the road to recovery. For people with chronic health problems such as arthritis, respiratory or bowel disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or obesity, a regular yoga practice can help you live better and most likely longer. For people suffering from temporary symptoms such as tension headaches, hot flushes or even the accompanying side effects of cancer therapy, certain yoga postures, breathing techniques and other practices can bring relief. Even if you are lucky to be a so-called “healthy person”, yoga as a preventive measure can reduce stress, improve your balance, boost your strength, lower your blood pressure, prevent injuries, lift your mood, improve your immune system, promote your psychological calmness and much more.

Yoga therapy places the person at the centre and offers time for individual practice in a protected, safe setting. At the beginning of a therapy session there is always a personal conversation in which all individual and medical information is gathered (anamnesis). This also includes a physical assessment from a yoga-therapeutic point of view.

On the basis of this anamnesis, I develop a personal yoga practice for you, which is practised and continuously adapted during the individual consultations. This practice can include dynamic and/or static physical exercises, breath work, meditation, relaxation or mindfulness exercises, visualisations or other yoga practices, depending on your physical and mental conditions, goals and current state of health.