My Offer

In my yoga therapy practice in the joint practice ayurHealth on the Kramgasse in Bern’s Altstadt, I offer therapeutic yoga in both German and English. Therapeutic yoga has proven to be a valuable addition to conventional medical treatments, to support healing processes and to improve the quality of life and physical well-being for a variety of ailments and illnesses of the body and mind.


From a yoga therapeutic perspective, a person is always considered in their entirety, not simply as a specific complaint or illness. Individual yoga therapy sessions usually include several consultations. The period of these meetings is arranged according to your personal wishes and circumstances.


My first consultation is offered free of charge, as for a successful yoga therapeutic journey a positive understanding between client and therapist is imperative. I would like to ensure that this assessment is able to take place without any sense of obligation.


Thereafter the actual yoga therapeutic consultations can commence. These can vary greatly depending on the individual constitution and personal goals. As a client you can decide what you would like to practice, when and for how long. This also applies to your yoga practice at home. The focus is always on your well-being.



First consultation                                                                                free of charge

Single consultation                                                                             CHF 120


Yoga therapy is a method of complementary therapy recognised in Switzerland.